About Us

MaxGen Labs is a genetic testing company that aims to empower individuals to optimize their health through at-home genetic testing kits. Led by its founder, Dr. Chad Yarbrough, MaxGen Labs is a family-owned business that values client satisfaction and continuously strives for innovation.

We offer a variety of innovative solutions to empower our customers in taking control and optimizing their health by providing them with greater awareness about their genetic makeup and enable them to make informed health decisions.

We help people prevent disease through more personalized and easy-to-understand testing kit results reviewed by our network of trusted physicians across the globe.

We will help unlock the insights for an active and healthier life by understanding the genetic likelihood of individuals experiencing specific health issues.

We provide for the future of healthcare through genetic data. Complete health picture will be revealed through genetic information via individualized lab test evaluation and monitoring.

With simple-to-understand test results, we provide insights into your health. Along with this, there are also helpful hints and extra resources.

We help in producing a unique report of each test that includes thorough and important details relevant to the findings.

Meet the Doctors

Christian Bogner, MD, FACOG, CFMNP

Dr. Bogner is a lecturer, educator, experienced practicing clinician, and the CEO and clinical director at the Bogner Health Clinic. His services focus on patient education. He is a certified Functional Medicine physician with additional board certification in OBGYN. He also has obtained his certification in Plant-Based-Nutrition from Cornell University. Dr. Bogner is a clinical consultant and medical advisor at MaxGen Labs, LLC and has lectured throughout the United States and abroad regarding integrative approaches to disease with a focus on genetics, neurotransmitters, toxicities as well as cognitive enhancement. He is involved with the Children's Health Defense, Autism Today as well as AutismOne and various other autism advocacy groups.

Chad Yarbrough, DC

Dr. Chad Yarbrough is the founder of MaxGen Labs. Growing up taking care of his father who had ALS, he knows what it is like to visit doctor after doctor with zero answers. As a practicing clinician he focused on autism, infertility, and optimizing overall health. It became apparent to Dr. Chad there was a need for a more thorough genetics reporting from a lab that valued privacy from beginning to end. And from this, MaxGen Labs was created. Currently, Dr. Chad is focusing on bringing clinicians together, teaching how to integrate genetics into practice and is a faculty for Boston Biolife.