Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our tests:

Do you sell my DNA to other companies?

Absolutely not. MaxGen Labs is a family-owned company formed to provide this type of information in a safe and secure way, with no risk of 3rd parties obtaining your data.

Will my sample still be good when it reaches the lab?

Yes, we use a preservative fluid to stabilize the DNA in transit. This fluid preserved the DNA for even international shipping. We highly recommend avoiding DNA testing that uses dry swabs.

Do you accept HSA/FSA?

Yes, our website should be able to process all HSA/HFAs. 

Is blood testing better for DNA?

The end product after extraction remains the same whether you use a mouth swab or blood draw. 

If I am breastfeeding my baby, can I still perform the cheek swab on him/her?

Yes. The mixing of genetic data from mother to child via breast milk is not an issue for our test. Simply wait about 30 minutes after feeding and/or rinse the baby's mouth with water.

My child has a medical condition. Will this test help me understand their issues?

This test should not be used as the ultimate guide for any medical condition. It should be used in relation to biochemical function, methylation, detoxification, and vitamin deficiency risk. It is one piece of the large healthcare puzzle. Please work with a provider of some kind if you or your child are dealing with a medical condition.

How long will it take to receive my test results?

Reports are generally delivered approximately 3 weeks after receiving your sample. At times, it may take up to 5 weeks if a sample needs to be rerun in the lab. Realistically, there are times where the lab gets backed up with samples, especially around holidays. Our team will let you know if a report is going to be delayed. Most genetic testing companies take 8 weeks or more to report results, so we try to aim for a faster turn-around time.

Do you test for ancestry genes?

No. We are purely focused on genetic information that will help you optimize your health.

Can you tell which diseases I will get in my lifetime?

No. Genetic information is only one aspect of health. We are not running data to diagnose, treat, or cure disease. We are running data for educational purposes only. Your genes are your blueprint for cellular processes, but your lifestyle plays the biggest role in your health outcome. We do not test for disease risk genes.

What SNPs are tested?

Please see the detailed information about each test under their description.

Do you sequence the entire genome?

No. The majority of SNPs do not affect how the body functions. We run specific SNPs that are clinically relevant for most functional medicine providers. We do not sequence rare genetic disorders, ancestry, or SNPs that have little research. This test should not be used for medical conditions or drug interactions. Please consult a medical geneticist for those concerns.

What if I can't understand my report?

We always recommend working with a functional medicine provider that can help you understand your report. We only report the scientific understanding of each SNP per peer reviewed literature. You can contact to find a practitioner close to you.

Can I get my raw data file, too?

We do not catalog the data in a zip file like other companies. Our data will not work with other 3rd party interpretation software nor do we recommend using 3rd party software for security & privacy concerns. We report it for you so that you don't have to use 3rd party software. You can see each SNP and allele at the end of your reports.

Will my DNA truly be destroyed?

Yes, absolutely. Our lab is concerned about your privacy. We take great lengths to destroy DNA as soon as your report is complete. We don’t want to know your ancestry or provide 3rd party companies with “research.” Please keep in mind that this means we will not be able to update reports or resend reports months after your original report has been sent to you.

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